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Using solar power to charge your gadgets should save you money.

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What is HDPE or PE-HD?

What is HDPE or PE-HD?

You may have seen the letters HDPE or PE-HD under the number 2 inside the triangle arrows recycling symbol.

But what does it mean?

HDPE or PE-HD is High Density Polyethylene used, a heavier type of plastic and is used to make a whole variety of containers; for food product, cosmetics and detergent bottles, industrial wrapping and film sheets and plastic bags.

When this is recycled it may become non-food containers, including laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner bottles, motor oil bottles, toys, rope, plastic lumber, pipe, buckets, crates, flower pots, film, recycling bins, floor tiles.

High Density Polyethylene is made from petroleum, a fossil fuel. We need to recycle more plastics because some experts estimating that crude oil could have run out in just over 40 years, if we continue use it up at the present rate.

Filling up landfill with items that can be recycled is a waste of our natural resources, not to mention bad for the environment. It is so easy to be eco friendly and live greener lives.

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