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It's a common misconception that recycling of paper help to save the trees..

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What is LDPE or PE-LD?

What is LDPE or PE-LD?

You may have seen the letters LDPE or PE-LD under the number 4 inside the triangle arrows recycling symbol.

But what does it mean?

LDPE is Low density polyethylene which has excellent resistance to many variants of acids and alcohols. Can be used as flexible yet tough tubs and containers and also things like food wrap, cling film, plastic bags and six-pack drinks can rings.

Recycling rates for LDPE are very low as there are not as many recycling facilities able to process it. When it is recycled it is ground into granules which might be used to make shipping envelopes, bin bags, floor tile, plastic lumber and compost bins.

Recycling is important so our natural resources aren't just wasted when it ends up in landfill. LDPE is made from oil, a natural resource. These resources aren't unlimited and could run out in just over 40 years, some experts are estimating, if we continue to use it at the present rate.

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